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Hong's technology mainly serves young people, middle-aged and old people, as well as academic exchange platform of peers, provides clinical professional technology, uses the ancient Chinese quintessence and unique recipes, based on the five elements of the book of changes, releases the service of love, carefulness and patience as a whole, and takes "focus on maintenance, love service" as the core value, so as to let Hong's Bian moxibustion in Xinglin go to the world, hoping that through me Their professional technology and rich clinical experience will shape the image of the maintenance cause, and provide service experience for enterprise project promotion and cultural construction and communication, In order to continue to learn from others and open peace for all things, the health care plan inherited by Hongshi of Xinglin for generations has always been adhering to the core of meridians and collaterals health care for difficult diseases, advocating the high-end health care experience of natural conservative non-medical diagnosis and treatment supplementary alternative technology. While focusing on the local market development of Anhui Province, it also provides more than 10000 people with health care services of meridians and collaterals Academic exchanges have been organized and recognized by counterparts in many countries, provinces, cities and towns, and more than 1000 elites have been cultivated. Our caring, careful and patient service has won the trust and praise of many sub-health families, and gradually established a good brand image in southern Anhui.  
Central Culture

Culture: carry forward the national essence of the ancestors, keep healthy, base on faith, serve people with virtue, and be grateful to the society

Vision: Kungfu crafts are handed down from generation to generation, hands create health, and carry forward traditional culture

Mission: Healthy China, support our party, well-off families

Spirit: from the great road to the simple road, the unity of heaven and man, the way of nature, the good along with the fate, and the long way to go

Management concept: bear in mind Zuxun, benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and trust, be gentle, respectful, thrifty, loyal, filial, brave, honest, red and professional, unite and strive, be brave in innovation and strive for the first place

Service concept: non-invasive, non injection, non medication, non intervention, non diagnosis and treatment; folk unique skill, originated from all living beings, dedicated, compassionate and healthy. Provide the simplest and most useful research results, build a diversified platform for exchange and learning, with learning.


1: Solve the problem of people's mind and body

2: Research and exchange of solutions and characteristic technologies to solve the health problems of ordinary people

3:Create a harmonious society, promote the health of the whole people and build a happy and well-off life

Service table

Pain of muscles and joints,

General inflammation, mild hyperplasia,

Nodule, daily care, difficult and miscellaneous health care.

Cervical pain, shoulder pain, dysmenorrhea, lumbar disc herniation

Ankylosing spondylitis, hyperosteogeny, necrosis of femoral head

Ostoarthritis, synovitis, fracture damage

Joint effusion, gout

Esophagitis, gastroenteritis, pneumonia, apoplexy and health care.

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Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes that the balance of yin and Yang causes the curvature of spine and changes of muscle strength on both sides.


"The liver and the gall meet each other" is a idiom that Chinese people are very familiar with. It compares the frank communication and




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The thirteen ghost caves in the thirteen needles of Guimen include ghost palace, ghost letter, ghost base, ghost heart, ghost Road, ghost pillow, ghost bed, ghost city,


Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual, potential tissue damage or the description of such damage.


Hong's needle moxibustion in Xinglin is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine culture, which has lasted for thousands of years. Simple and safe operation,

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